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Joshua Giuliani – My Story & Why I Started A Blog

Have you ever felt like there was more to life than sitting behind a desk and working 40-hours a week? Do you ever feel trapped? Like you’re not reaching your full potential?

I could relate.

I worked in the corporate world for 7-years, selling advertising for one of Australia’s largest publishing companies – Fairfax Media. I had a lot of great times and the people were always friendly and amazing to work with, but something in my life was missing.

It seemed like I had everything I needed – money, stability, status – but there was a void inside me. A hole that I didn’t know how to fill.

When I made the decision to quit my job and start my career as an entrepreneur, that hole became a little less empty. A little bit of excitement and hope entered the void and I was motivated like never before.

This is why I started this blog – to assist other people working full-time and wondering if there is more to life.

If you’re thinking it, then it must be true for you.

I hope you find my articles inspiring, informative and above all else, a good use of your time.