It Took 2-Weeks To Increase Leads By 100% And Close $8,000 USD

Lee Tong is a digital marketer from Singapore. When I started working with him, he was already doing well but he was looking for a strategy that would amplify growth in his agency.

Over the first couple of calls, we talked about his agency, his approach to lead generation and what he was doing to get himself in front of potential clients.

The very next week he doubled the number of sales calls he was able to jump on and closed $8k USD in revenue.

The radical change can be traced back to a question I asked him on our second call.

“If you had no choice but to close a deal this week, who would you contact?”

This is the one fundamental thing most marketers overlook.

Call it hunger. Call it action. Call it whatever you want. When a marketer is hungry and does whatever they can to impact more businesses within their niche, it always results in new clients.

When I asked Lee Tong this question, he contacted absolutely everyone he thought needed his services.

Old clients. Warm leads. Businesses in his network. He went hard.

And, ultimately, a big chunk of the revenue came from someone he had already been speaking with for a long time.

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