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Detach Yourself From The Outcome To Win More Often

A couple of years ago, I came across a book called Motivation Manifesto. The key lesson I took out of it is that you must make decisions from a place of freedom, rather than fear.

Don’t work hard because you’re scared of losing something.

Work hard because you want to gain something.

But not to the point where you become desperate. That’s when fear disguises itself as freedom.

There’s a balance that must be achieved. You need to have a vision, a goal, a reason to win, but you also need to prevent that motivation from turning into desperation.

Detach yourself from the outcome and YOU WILL WIN MORE OFTEN.

Sell because you love what you do, not because you need the money.

Play because you love the sport, not because you hate losing.

Dance because you love music, not because you want the girl.

When you’re detached, you think clearly. You’re laser focused. And you approach your day with a positive energy and mindset.

This year has been my greatest in business and it was the first that I implemented this strategy.

Set your goals high > Detach yourself from the outcome > And you will achieve all of them.