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Approaching Your Day With Certainty Is The Secret To Creating Abundance

There is a quote from a movie that I saw as a child which stuck with me.

“In the absence of light, darkness prevails”

I found the concept to be profound and it triggered me on a deep level.

Fast forward to 2018. Years of running my own business. Years of working with coaches and mentors. Years of trying to create abundance in my life. And one thing has become clear.

That ‘light’ is ‘certainty’.

Certainty is the secret to abundance and achieving your goals.

Without it, we don’t stand a chance.

I am 100% certain that my mission is to help people with my coaching.
I am 100% certain that I can change lives with that coaching.
I am 100% certain about the life I want to create for myself.

And because of that certainty, my business is making more money than ever before, I am having more impact than ever and I am manifesting everything I ever wanted in my life.

Certainty will help you sell more. Certainty will help you find meaning. Certainty will help you achieve all of your life goals.

It is a metaphysical Swiss Army Knife. A life cheat code. A secret recipe.

If you are struggling to sell. If you’re not making the money you want. If you’re lacking motivation or meaning in your life. Certainty will be your salvation.

Become certain in yourself and people will want to buy from you. Become certain in your future and you will manifest it.

Silence the limiting beliefs. Remove the negative thoughts.

Believe in yourself, in your future, get clear on where you’re headed, become certain about it and abundance will be yours.