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The academy showing digital marketing agency owners how to get clients, charge more for their services and scale past 7-figures

Here's everything you get when you enrol:

  • ​Access to all 8-modules PLUS BONUSES within the online course FOR LIFE
  • ​All swipe templates, resources and documents related to various modules within the online course
  • ​Access to the Discord Chat Channel Mastermind
  • ​The ability to contact Joshua Giuliani (founder of the academy) through the Slack Channel
  • ​Additional resources in the Slack Mastermind and special offers only available to the group (events, content, calls and more)
  • ​Proven systems and process to grow your agency to and past 7-figures annually

This Academy Gives You A Step-By-Step Roadmap For A Seven Figure Agency In The Modern Era

If you're reading this, then you're probably struggling to predictably generate clients for your agency at a price that makes you smile. You're probably feeling lost, unsure about what the next move is that will propel your agency into the stratosphere. 

Bottom line, you're probably frustrated. We know because the team at has coached 1,000s of digital marketing agency owners around the globe and it's always the same story.

Lucky for you, Joshua Giuliani (more on him later) has dedicated his life to developing proven and replicable systems and processes for agency owners who want a no BS approach to growing their business.

The Agency Timeline is the product of that obsession. A 7-figure roadmap inspired by Joshua's microscope exploration of some of the most successful 7-figure agencies of the modern era, as well as his experience building his own agency.

The Agency Academy is an online program that walks you through that roadmap, step-by-step.

We have students all over the world that are transforming their lives and achieving their goals like never before. See below!

How The Academy Works

The academy is powered by an online portal with 20-hours of content and a Facebook Mastermind only accessible by members (Facebook Group).

Online course + Facebook Mastermind + Discord Chat Group

As soon as you become a member you gain access to ALL of the 8-modules in the course, the bonuses and the Facebook Mastermind FOR LIFE. No annual fees, no upsells, no funny business whatsoever, just life-changing value - as much as you can get your hands on. 

The online course has content that will completely change your thoughts, your actions and your life - but we don't stop there. The Facebook Mastermind gives you access to an incredible (growing) community of like-minded agency owners around the globe and monthly Q&A sessions ran by the founder of the academy, Joshua Giuliani.

Being successful in the marketing industry is reliant on 3 key areas: Business Strategy, Community & Marketing Skills. It should be every marketer's life mission to become the BEST at what they do. That skill integrated with the business strategies defined in this academy, and the community you gain in the process, is what will turn you into an elite agency owner.

Meet Your Instructor

Joshua Giuliani is the founder of based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a passionate coach that helps inspire, empower and ignite the potential in digital marketing agency owners.

His clients represent the US, England, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel and many more countries around the world.

After building a digital marketing agency of his own, Joshua moved into coaching as more and more of his colleagues began to ask for guidance in how to get more high-value clients and scale like he was.

Since then, he has coached and worked with 1,000s of agency owners, including many owners of million dollar agencies to perfect the systems and processes required for a 7-figure agency.

With A Mission To Create 1,500 Jobs In The Industry By 2025

Joshua's mission is to create 1,500 jobs in digital marketing agencies all over the globe by 2025.

The average million dollar agency will employ 15 people in various roles (Josh defines this in detail in the academy) and the plan is to grow 100 agencies to this hiring capacity.

Joshua wants to ensure this is not only possible but that it is done in a way that guarantees job security for everybody involved.

Employers are leaders, and as an employer you will have the ability to greatly impact the lives of your future hires.

See what The Agency Timeline is all about...

Joshua Giuliani presenting his 7-figure roadmap to a room full of digital marketing agency owners (just like you) in Melbourne, Australia. The Agency Academy shows you exactly how to implement this system.

The Process at a Glance

The Agency Timeline breaks down the journey of an agency into 3-phases: Cashflow ($0 to $15k), Skeleton ($15k to $50k) and Scale ($50k+). This academy walks you through EXACTLY how to progress through these phases.

The 8 Areas Of Focus In The Academy

From helping you understand the concepts to giving you actual step-by-step strategies, this academy helps you excel in each of the below areas.

Module 1: Goal Setting and the Law of Attraction
Module 2: How To Become SUPER Motivated (And Manage Your Time)
Module 3: The Agency Timeline
Module 4: Step Into Mastery
Module 5: Getting New Clients
Module 6: Project Management and Client Retention
Module 7: Expanding Your Team
Module 8: Scaling Fast

PLUS Bonuses (Can't forget those juicy juicy bonuses)

This Is What You'll Get When You Enrol in The Agency Academy

8-Modules (PLUS Bonuses)

As soon as you are a member, you gain access to the online course and ALL of the content inside of it. Yep, ALL of it.

No drip feeding or rules. Just value.

Go through it as quickly as you like, or go through it with a fine tooth comb. The 8-modules and bonuses are designed to take your digital marketing agency on a journey from average to exceptional.

Access to Discord Chat Group

Running alongside the content in the course will be a Discord chat group, which will include access to Josh for Q&A.

You gain access to this Mastermind as soon as you sign up and can view old sessions and network with other entrepreneurs as you like.

In this group, you will have access to the founder of the academy, Joshua Giuliani. This group alone is invaluable for lost agency owners.

Access to Facebook Mastermind

On top of receiving life-changing content, you also join an exclusive Facebook  group filled with inspired, motivated and driven agency owners around the globe. 

Networking is a big part of our personal development and we constantly see a lot of it going on within (and outside of) our Mastermind.

Join this community of legends and gain the support of like-minded individuals located on almost every continent on the planet.

Access The Academy Now For $50 USD

Lifetime access to the Online Course, Facebook Mastermind and Discord Channel.
Over 20-hours of life changing content.
Access to Joshua Giuliani (founder of through the group.

What Students Say

The Agency Academy consistently creates results for its members, regardless of what their agency looked like prior to joining the academy. The academy is designed to give agencies actionable steps all the way to 7-figures.

When you sign up, say hi to these guys within the mastermind!

Commitment to Member Results

Hey legendary human, Josh here. Just wanted to talk a little bit about my commitment to you and everyone else who joins The Agency Academy.

I made a decision in my life. That decision was to impact and guide as many people on this planet as possible.

This academy gives me the ability to reach more, and help more, people. But helping more is not good enough for me. My commitment to you and every other member in the academy is that I will do everything in my power to get you results - whatever it takes.

If you commit to this academy, I commit to you. Let's do this!

Joshua Giuliani

Billed in USD (24x Monthly Payments)
  • Lifetime Access to everything
  • Over 20-hours of course content
  • Access to Discord Group Chat
  • Access to Facebook Mastermind

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave the academy?
Absolutely. You pay $50 USD a month for access to everything BUT you can leave anytime. After paying for 24 months, you automatically gain lifetime access to everything - you'll never have to pay a cent to me again.
What guidance will I get after joining?
All members gain access to a Discord Chat Group and Facebook Mastermind which is ran by Joshua Giuliani and his team. When you have a question, challenge or thought, Josh and his team will be there to support and guide you. And remember, you get this for life.
Will I get access to any new content?
Absolutely. We intend to update the content yearly, so you'll always have the advantage of new content at least once a year. Plus we're constantly filming new content for the Slack Mastermind and, of course, there are the monthly Q&A videos.

Last Chance To Access The Academy For $50 USD

Lifetime access to the Online Course, Facebook Mastermind and Discord Channel.
Over 20-hours of life changing content.
Access to Joshua Giuliani (founder of through the group.

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