A Guide To $7,500 In The Bank & 3 New Digital Marketing Clients In Only ONE WEEK

As a digital marketer, you understand the lead-lag phenomenon. You put the work in, connect with the right people, have a meeting and MAYBE it will lead to a new client in 2-3 weeks.

What if I told you, that was the OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS?

What if I told you that you can speed up the process and go from lead to sale in less than a week?

What if I told you, you could replicate this system as many times as you wanted?

This was the reality for a marketer based in Sydney, Australia.

We started working with Doreen 5-weeks prior to this epic week of abundance in her business. In that time, we focused on the mindset she brought into her business AND the execution of a 5 step system that we call the MONEY Method, which made her results in that 5th week possible.

The MONEY Method focuses on building a strong personal brand using social media and generating online leads that know, like and trust you – and that are ready to buy.

Let me take you through the 5 steps we implemented with her and how it lead to $7,500 in one week.

Step #1 – Messaging

The first change we made in her business was to better articulate what she did and who she did it for.

Defining a niche and owning it is incredibly powerful and is one factor in becoming desirable to a specific audience… But it’s not the ONLY factor.

The second factor is something we like to call a UNIQUE MECHANISM.

A Unique Mechanism (or UM) is a tool, principle, system, philosophy or process you use to get your niche the desired result.

For Doreen, this was something she named the 5D Framework (Define, Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy).

When you take your understanding of your niche and your shiny new UM, you create a message that you can plaster all over your social media.

For her, it was:

“I help industrial businesses set themselves apart from the competition with the 5D Framework”

Step #2 – Omnipresence

With her messaging sophisticated, we moved to get that message out to market. We do this with something called Omnipresence.

Omnipresence is something that helps you build authority within our niche and is completely free to achieve (ads can magnify this step if you have a budget).

We instructed Doreen to develop value-add posts on social on a daily basis. For her, we focused on the 3 most relevant platforms for her audience.

  • LinkedIn (Primary)
  • Facebook (Primary)
  • Instagram (Secondary)

Video posts work best here to establish an “authentic human” connection with your niche, but as long as your intention is to add INCREDIBLE VALUE, any post will work.

We’re not trying to sell in these posts. We’re only adding value. This establishes you as an industry leader, promotes engagement and gets people from within your niche to look at you.

Step #3 – New Audience

After a couple of weeks, Doreen had perfected content creation (including getting over a block around video – now, she’s a pro) and her connections were engaging with her posts BUT there’s not much point to all of this if we don’t continually bring in new people from our niche.

Step #3 is all about increasing our exposure to our niche.

Doing this is as easy as a connection request on LinkedIn, a friend request on Facebook or a follow on Instagram.

Remember, this is an organic strategy and, by the far, the most effective strategy for building trust.

Here are a couple of ways you can quickly build your audience/connections online.


Look into a tool called LinkedHelper.com, which will help you automate connection requests on LinkedIn. This will literally reduce your time spent building an audience on LinkedIn to minutes in the day and 1,000x your productivity on the platform.


Type in some keywords around your niche in the search bar and filter all groups. There will be 3-4 groups that are jam-packed with your target audience. Now, all you need to do is get active in those groups and send a bunch of friend requests to anyone who interacts with you.


Not many automation tools out there that really help us automate Instagram activity anymore, but at the time of working with Doreen, we were using Captivate for IG to follow thousands of relevant people every single week. This inevitably increased her Instagram following, although, LinkedIn and Facebook were more of a focus for her considering her niche.

Step #4 – Engage

Let’s recap – by now, Doreen was producing valuable content on her social media accounts…

She was establishing herself as an authority and continually building her connection base every day…

Her message was relevant to her audience so her % of accepted connections was rising…

And she was getting interest on her posts.

It was at this point that we instructed Doreen to do 2 things:

1 – Message anyone who engages with your post to accentuate their pain and offer a solution

The message script goes a little something like this…

Doreen: Thanks so much for your comment on my post. How’s business?

Prospect: No worries. Great content. Yeah alright, thanks!

Doreen: I appreciate that. What kind of challenges are you coming up against at the moment?

Prospect: Well actually, our lead quality is pretty poor. That’s why I loved your post.

Doreen: Yeah, I see that a lot. My 5D Framework is actually designed to increase your lead quality through the roof. How about we jump on a call and I take you through how it could work in your business. What timezone are you in?

Prospect: Ok, great! EST…

2 – Run a FREE Transformation Call Giveaway (PRO)

This strategy is HUGE for generating interested leads that are ready to buy. This is how we generated the $7,500 in only a week…

And it only works because we spent the first 5 weeks together adding immense value to a growing audience.

We instructed her to post a video offering 10x FREE TRANSFORMATION sessions to 10 business owners that comment YES below the video.

Then, the next day, a follow-up video offering another 10 due to the popularity of the first post.

And again on day #3.

This generated a plethora of leads for Doreen, which were then instructed to fill in a quick questionnaire to claim their spot. These questions were designed to further qualify the leads AND setting a power frame (asking them WHY they should get a session).

The time from video post to YES to booking a call is all done in less than 10-minutes.

So now, we had a bunch of qualified leads with calls booked with Doreen in that fateful week.

Step #5 – Yes, Yes, Yes (Get a Sale)

All the hard work had been done.

Now, Doreen just had to follow a simple sales script that we teach our clients and BOOM… New clients.

In fact, THREE NEW CLIENTS closed for a total of $7,500 (paid upfront).

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If you want us to take you through the sales script, book a free session with us today.

It is so important as an agency owner that you learn how to sell. Persuasion is a non-negotiable skill for the entrepreneur who creates the life of their dreams.

Ask yourself, if you had the skills to close $7,500 in new clients every month, how would that change your business?

How would that change YOUR LIFE?

In Summary: When your focus is on adding immense value to a growing audience, you build trust and can generate leads like never before. Become an authority at what you do, create content, grow your audience and watch you life and business change before your eyes.