$30,000 In New Business In 4-Months

When I’m working with a new digital marketer, I put a lot of focus on strategies that increase authority. Ultimately, authority is the big secret for getting agency clients.

Authority was the name of the game when Simao began my coaching program.

Sim and I met at an event that I was running in Melbourne, Australia. He is an INDUSTRY-LEADING graphic designer for coaches that wanted to GROW HIS AGENCY.

Over the space of 4-months, we implemented various strategies that resulted in $30,000 of new revenue.

The ways we did this was:

  • Production of high-value content
  • Building out his Profile Funnel
  • Redesigning his offer structure

High-Value Content

Sim is an absolute beast at what he does. The first thing we focused on was the production of high-value content targeted at his specific audience – coaches and speakers – so that they knew how good he was.

By producing content, Sim was able to really lean into brand messaging and leadership principles that were fundamental to the success of his very service.

I saw Sim grow into a really authentic online version of himself. Some people come across as salesy or cheesy when they create content, but Sim found his online voice very quickly and rapidly attracted online fans.

They connected with his identity, respected the value he was dropping and were awestruck by his design skills.

Profile Funnel

The number one thing that authority does for a marketer is increase traffic. People become interested in what you have to say and what you can do, which leads to eyes on your profile.

To consolidate on this we built out something I call The Profile Funnel.

The Profile Funnel is a network of marketing assets that are designed to incubate and generate leads for your agency. All the assets are supported by clear messaging and call to actions on your personal profile page. This is something I work with digital marketers to implement very early in the program.

This is what it looks like:

And here’s a podcast episode where I go through the functionality of Profile Funnels in detail.

In fact, simply by setting up a Profile Funnel, Sim closed over $9,500 in sales. His audience saw what he was doing and liked what they saw.

Oh, and there was also one other thing that contributed to him closing that $9,500…

Offer Structure

So, it’s tough going for graphic designers. Standard practice for designers is that they do project work.

“We need this logo done, can you do it for me?” kind of stuff.

This is exactly what we wanted to avoid with Sim because that structure is not sustainable or economical for the scale of an agency. Instead, we productised his service and created a 3-month program in which his clients paid a monthly retainer.

This is not something Sim ever sold before, but thanks to the increased authority developed from the high-value content, clear branding and lead flow from the Profile Funnel and a little push from me to sell in a different way, he closed the first Profile Funnel lead that came through. That client retainer made up a big chunk of that $9,500.

Over the space of 4-months we were able to close $30k in new business and set up his agency for success and growth well into the future.

If you’re reading this right now and you’re struggling to close/keep marketing clients, start building authority in market, make it easy for leads to get on a call with you and sell retainer programs (3-month minimum).

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