3 Sales Calls & 2 New Clients in 24-Hours for a Digital Marketer in Israel

For a lot of digital marketers, just the thought of getting new clients is tiring.

The emails. The proposals. The endless sales calls.

It’s enough to make you break down and cry… BUT it doesn’t have to be a painful experience.

In fact, if you change your approach to lead generation like our client in Israel did, you can start seeing results QUICK!

Rom saw results in only ONE DAY!

When Rom came to us, he was only just getting started in digital marketing. He had a lot of knowledge about his niche and heaps of energy, but just didn’t quite know how to solve the lead generation puzzle.

After analysing his business and doing a couple of sessions with him, it became clear that the only missing piece was a strategy that would help him build authority in market…

He knew what he was talking about…

And he had a great network on social already…

Our instruction to Rom was to start producing high-value content and publishing it through his various online channels WITHOUT the intention of selling.

Pure value-add mindset.

So, that’s what he did the very next day.

What happened next was incredible.

We were so excited to hear that 3 people engaged with him directly after seeing his post and asked to jump on a call to discuss his services.

3 calls in 24-hours…

2 new clients in ONE DAY!

And they came TO HIM.

If you’re tired of cold calls, cold messages and overall awkward sales conversations, start adding genuine value on social.

When you do and you GENUINELY intend on adding value to your network without the thought of selling, highly qualified leads and sales will start flowing to you…

Just like they did with Rom.

How confident in your business would you be if you knew you could turn around sales that quickly?

If you want to find out how you can implement this strategy and get it REALLY right, book a free session with us and we’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it.